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This is a safe space for you to show up in all of your vulnerability. 

I will hold you gently, as you peel back the layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from being your most authentic and beautiful self. 

I will mirror back, reminding you of the beauty that is you, when you have forgotten. 

I will extend grace to you when you are struggling to extend it to yourself.

I will love you when you struggle to love yourself. 

I will walk beside you as you come back home to yourself.


Healing Options

Spiral Emotional Clearing

What is the Spiral?

The Spiral is a beautiful powerhouse that consists of the chakra system, spiral dynamics, scale of consciousness, kinesiology muscle testing and a little bit of NLP thrown in there too. It is truly such a powerful combination of many different types of modalities all wrapped up into one framework that brings true and lasting transformation.

How does the Spiral journey work? 

We meet weekly 1:1 for 60 minutes via zoom for a total of 8 weeks.

Are you ready to let go of the following?

Level 1: Root Chakra - Deserving

Letting go of; shame, guilt & dogma

Level 2: Sacral Chakra - Creativity

Letting go of; fear, grief, paralyzed will

Level 3: Solar Plexus - Power

Letting go of: pride, anger, desire

Level 4: Heart Chakra - Openness

Letting go of; reason, acceptance, love

Level 5: Throat Chakra - Expression

Letting go of; anxiety, confidence, low self-esteem

Level 6: Third Eye - Vision

Letting go of; truth, trust, receptivity

Level 7: Crown Chakra - Purpose

Letting go of; peace, joy, enlightenment, purpose

The 8th and final session we do manifestation clear. Where we start at the crown chakra, working our down way through chakra, clearing and bringing them up 100% clear, which opens you up to being able to receive all that you desire to manifest into your reality.

Chakra Line Emotional Clearing

A chakra line clear is when we clear the energetic field of the client for both giving and receiving energy to a person. 

They are a great way to release any sort of triggering energy and cutting of cords between you and another person. 

Chakra line clears can give you a taste of what it would feel like to embark on the 8 week spiral journey at a fraction of the cost.

Ground in your Human Design Reading

If you are new to human design this is for you.

In this 60 minute appointment we will go over your type, strategy and authority. Which are the foundational pieces to understanding how you are meant to show up and make the most aligned decisions for yourself.

Trust Your Human Design Reading

If you are familiar with your type, strategy, and authority yet desire to dive deeper into your energetic make up then this is the reading for you.

In this 60 minute session we will dive much deeper into the gates, channels, profile lines, and incarnation cross of your human design chart.


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